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Pink Blackout Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Thermal Insulated
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PRODUCT TYPE: Blackout eyelet Curtain

VENDOR: Bed Basics

Now enjoy a luxuriously comfortable sleeping experience with these opulent Black Blackout Eyelet Curtain from BedBasics. These futuristic Blackout Eyelet Curtains come with outstanding quality 100% Pure Polyester, high 260 G.S.M that let you experience a night of incredibly comfortable...


One of the UK's leading providers of supreme quality Pink Ready-Made Curtains, BedBasics offers a wider variety of patterns and styles to make your home pleasant and private. Pink Ready-Made Curtains are a good alternative for homeowners searching for an option for window decoration that both look contemporary and opulent.

If you want to feel the real luxury and add a lavish feel to your room interior then you must check out our collection of Pink Velvet Eyelet Curtains. You can add a shimmering texture to your room decor along with extremely soft-to-touch and an ample range of charming colours will deliver the lavish feel, enhancing your room’s elegance. 

Good night's sleep not only will give you an incredible feeling of mood, but it will also help you become more productive all day long. BedBasics offer a collection of Pink Blackout Eyelet Curtains with extra thickness and high 260 G.S.M, that will help to create a complete blackout effect with a high noise reduction and privacy protection, letting you enjoy a night of luxuriously comfortable sleep.

There are different types of doors and windows; hence it has become challenging to figure out the right size of your curtains. BedBasics has brought a solution to this common problem. We offer an ample range of standard sizes to fit into your doors and windows, including 46x54 Curtains, 66x54 Curtains, 66x72 Curtains, 66x84 Curtains, 66x90 Curtains, 90x72 Curtains, 90x90 Curtains, and 90x108 Curtains.