11 Inspiring Guest Room Tips To Make You Feel Like a Hotel – Just in Your Home

When it comes to home decor, guest rooms are often neglected by many of us but setting up a guest room for hosting family members or a couple of friends for a short stay will change the overall decor game impressively. You need to focus on using the best guest room essentials to welcome guests and create a relaxing, stress-free and comfortable place for the next guest visit.

It might be daunting for you if you never had done it before. But, do not worry, this blog is all about preparing your guest room into something that will blow off the guest’s mind and they will just say a word ‘’ Wow”.

We have pulled together some of the best decor ideas that will transform your guest room into a serene and functional place to captivate your guests while being on a budget.

You will find the best bedding essentials at bedbasic at very decent prices that will hardly touch your wallet and the end result will be inviting, cosy and ultimately relaxing. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1.  Make Your Guest Room Extra Comfy

The bed is the focal point of any room and updating the basics can make a huge difference to the overall space’s feel and look. Make the bed feel more comfy and spacious by choosing supreme quality bedding products.

Start renovating the guest room with the bed and undoubtedly, bedding accessories play a significant role to style the whole room into an extra updated and refreshed area. After a tiresome journey, all your guests need is a tranquil and calming sleep.

Create a comfortable atmosphere with a high-quality mattress. Do not forget to throw the mattress protector cover over it to protect it from stains, spills and moisture.

Next, steal the show with some luxurious bed linens such as extra deep fitted sheets with matching pillows, with aim of delivering ultimate comfort to guests while resting or sleeping.

A great way to add warmth and cosiness to your guest bed without spending more bucks is with a refreshing duvet cover set like this one from Bedbasic that is a practical choice in winters thanks to the world’s best quality microfiber manufacturing.

2.  Style The Side Tables

Never overlook the side tables, they may seem unnecessary to you but these little details can make a big impact. A small timepiece, low hanging pendant lights or little side table lamps and beautiful vases can uplift the space look elegantly. Consider a simple tray table if you already do not have one at the bedsides. This is a cost-effective way that completes the bed look and can easily be folded when not in use.

3.  Do Not Forget The Beauty Items

It is a challenging task to make the guests feel at home but when you keep an eye on small details, you can go ahead of the game. For getting brownie points, be sure to prepare a tray or basket and fill it up with special toiletries for upcoming guests. A soft fibre towel, facewash, fragrant soap, hair shampoo and a body wash are enough to make them feel so special that they won't go without appreciating these little luxuries. And yes, an extra toothbrush with the toothpaste won't go a Passover either.

4.  Set A Refreshment Corner

Want to do something that your guest will highly appreciate but not expect something like that? Think of including a refreshment corner that includes a simple low/medium height table, an electric kettle, some refreshing green tea bags or coffee sachets, a pair of cups, a stylish water jug and clean glasses. This will make your guests feel very special and frankly pampered.

5.  Leave Space For Reading Corner

If someone is coming who you know is a bookworm, leave some space in the room for a cosy armchair and some quality books and the latest magazines. Add an extra touch of comfort with soft cushions, a luxurious throw blanket and that’s it, the guest room is ready for guests to spend some quality leisure time to feel relaxed and reenergize.

6. Fragrances

Sometimes you need to add small things to the room that can bring a big smile to guests’ faces. A little arrangement of fresh flowers is a nice complement to any bedroom as they offer a soothing smell just after entering the room. Nevertheless, an air freshener, a humidifier or an oil diffuser will play the same role. Keep it gentle and delicate and avoid strong scents that get into noses and cause sneezing.

7.Leave The Closet Empty

There must be a place in the guest room for the guests to put their clothing and other stuff while they are staying at your home. The guest bedroom's closet ought to be empty if it is already being used so that your guests can keep their luggage and clothes items there without any trouble. This strategy is straightforward and affordable for your guests who don't already have a wardrobe. If the guest room has no closet, a wardrobe rail is the simple affordable approach to go for.  When not in use, the rail can be quickly disassembled and stored beneath the bed.

8.  Let It Bright

Any room looks imperfect and incomplete without proper lighting to read by no matter how much effort you put on other accessories. We have already mentioned that side table lamps have a light control at ease so they won't have to trekking around to find a light. If ceiling lights are already not installed in the room, make sure to have a good reading light near the reading chair or couch. Another fancy way to add lighting is choosing a lighted makeup mirror at the dressing for a luxury touch.

9.Invest In Quality The Window Dressings

Privacy is important and no one likes to compromise on it. So, be sure to provide your guests with the privacy they need by installing quality window dressings that includes curtains, curtain poles and holdbacks. Consider exquisite blackout curtains for light and noise control and pair them with luxurious metallic curtain poles and holdbacks to give an elevated touch to your guest room. You can use blackout curtain linings behind your ordinary curtains to add a blackout effect without investing in a brand new pair of curtains.

10.Adore The Muted Walls

Your guest room is the ultimate test of your hospitality. Everything you do is basically for the guests, but it doesn't mean that you can't put some effort into decorating the room. One of the most important things in decorating the guest bedroom is wall art paintings. They are great for setting the mood for the entire room, especially when you have a theme in mind and you want to complement it with wall art paintings.

11.Provide Delicious Snack Bucket

Nothing ruins a trip faster than being stuck in a guest room with nothing to do. Whether your guests are stuck in the room because of bad weather, poor planning or just want to take a breather from all the activities and attractions, it's important to entertain them with delicious snacks on hand that will keep everyone happy. The best snacks are ones that have everything you need: protein to make you feel fuller, carbs for energy and fat so you don't get hungry too soon.

Complete The Guest Room Decor With Bedbasic

The article is meant to inspire the reader to create a guest bedroom that will be a haven of comfort. Check on Bedbasics official website, you will find most of the bedroom essentials in one place. The list we have mentioned above may seem long but all of them are basic accessories to get that hotel room look while being on a budget.

These spaces are designed in a way that they go far beyond simple living or sleeping places—they seek to make their guests feel absolutely at home under their own roof. These pieces have a way of inspiring their users to reach higher heights, both creatively and motivationally.