Best ways to Achieve a Sleek and Modern Scandi Living Room Look

Scandinavian interior design is cool, fresh, clean and looks absolutely amazing due to the simplicity, absolutely fine texture and a mixture of both modern and retro styles.

There is no need for your living room area to be filled with the most flashy decor to make it look great. All you need are some minimalist accessories that will go perfectly with the contemporary design of your home or apartment.

Need tips for creating a sleek and modern Scandinavian living room look? We will be honest with you, but first, let's just know what is scandi style and how what scandi style rugs look like. Let’s get into the business straight away.

What Is The Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design is an old trend in interior design that has been first introduced by Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark. It was originated as a renowned contemporary interior style in the early 20th century. After that, this modern style became a popular decorating trend not only in the United States, and Canada but internationally.

Scandinavian design is one of the most famous designs in the world that came into existence when traditional industrialisation and modern trends mixed together with craftsmanship that has stood the test of time.

This Scandinavian style was, and continues to be, very trendy and striking till now. It is minimalistic but with a touch of class. It is often compared to the Bauhaus design, but it is actually very different because it focuses more on functionality, simplicity and durability

It is considered an idealistic aesthetic decor design that incorporates earthy materials and natural light to combat the stresses of daily life. In this way, it purposefully mixes a relaxing architecture pattern with a nature-inspired interior design. Not to mention, the enduring appeal of Scandi design emphasises simplicity, orderliness, and harmony.

At its heart, this design, when incorporated in rugs, introduces a perfect modernistic approach to style the living room. Because of the design and colours, they fit perfectly into the modern interior style.

Best Way To Style Scandi Rugs Into The Living Room

Read on for the best ways to achieve a sleek and modern Scandi look in your living room, as today’s post will tell you how you can have the look of high-end appeal by adding a scandi design while being within financial reach.

Lattice Scandi Rug

Scandi with a lattice pattern, this luxury rug holds the basics of scandi interior decor look in the living room. The rug goes perfectly well with both dark and lighter tone furnishing. It is totally up to you how you want to integrate this luxury rug into your living room decor.

To get that minimalist, yet functional appearance, make sure to include the light-toned wood and furniture having smooth, clean lines combined with some extra dramatic hues.

In addition to enhancing the living room's opulence and glamour look, best to use darker hues lustre that can be found in the metal wall art frame, the chair bases and the room’s light shades.

The bright colours of the walls, chairs, and lighting fixtures are complemented by the soft neutrality of the lattice scandi sienna rug.

Besides, this muted and earthy tone rug blends well with some potted corner plants, wooden floors and natural sunlight coming from large windows.

Eternity Sienna Rug

One of the most popular scandi style rugs in our collection, a geometric border merging the aesthetic fine thick borderline with scandi plain style in the centre.

This minimalist style is one of understated elegance and Scandi essence of cosiness that works to uplift your living room. It focuses on clean lines, simple silhouettes, and muted colour palettes. The key to creating a modern scandi living room is selecting furnishings that fit well within the space but also create a cohesive feel.

The most important thing about achieving a modern scandi look with this eternity sienna rug is picking out furnishings that fit within the space and complement each other. Look down carefully below and take assistance to achieve this look without breaking the bank!

Geometric Sienna Rug

This geometric rug has a very simple, sleek and clean Scandinavian design. It is characterised by dark irregular geometric lines and right angles, whereas its counterpart, the mid-century modern design, is known for plain and straight edges with a subtle neutral background colour.

This contrasting style of geometric rug seems perfect with any living room decor but they work surprisingly well when you place it against the lighter tone walls, dark grey shade sofas and some bright silhouettes.

One way to achieve this look is to simply mix different elements from each style that complement each other. You can also choose some decorations of different styles in the same room, using their different characteristics to create balance and harmony within your living room space. Place a mirror opposite a window to add depth and definition to a space.

Whether you choose to mix or match,  this exclusive rug can help you achieve a modern scandi living room look immediately.

Luxury Ace Pattern Rug

Lean into ace accent with a perfect combination of darker and lighter hues proffers a unique take on Scandi design.  Its traditional ace pattern combines practicality and sharp regular lines with thin line edges that distinguish this design from others.

Well-placed neutral furniture colours with dark accent walls can bring a lot of life to a minimalist space. Consider adding a pop of bright colours such as black or dark grey patterned cushions on sofas, or add a bit of texture with interesting artwork on the wall

This can help make your space feel less stark. With the help of these few simple design accents, you can transform your living room into an inviting and modern room that everyone will love.

Ocean Pattern Sienna Rug

Ocean sienna rug stun with its extraordinary irregular wavy pattern in natural hues. The aesthetic ocean pattern rug showcases the traditional and industrial interior that really makes a statement.

When it comes to creating a contemporary interior look with this luxury ocean style sienna rug, there are no hard-and-fast rules. There are so many different materials and finishes you can mix and match that you can create something truly unique.

This rug acts as a heart of dark accent walls, so pick your paint colour carefully. In your living room, light tone colours are peaceful and relaxing, but any shade will work as long as it contrasts with the neutral scandi hues.

For example, if you choose a dark grey for one wall, try pairing it with cushions for the rest of the complete room look. This makes it easy to add texture to your space.

What Size Scandi Rug Should You Buy?

Size is definitely important when choosing rugs for your living room! When choosing a rug size it is important to remember that bigger isn't always better. Try to find a rug that fits best with the rest of your furniture and décor - ideally, this will be somewhere between 60 x 110 cm and 200 x 290 cm

A very large rug may seem like a good idea at first because it adds so much texture and pattern - however it can end up looking out of place in a smaller space.

When figuring out what size rug to purchase, keep these rules in mind:

1) Make sure the rug can be seen from all sides

2) Choose a rug that complements and is appropriate for the style of your living room

3) Do not purchase a rug that overshadows the furniture in the room

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